About Us

Hope is a confident expecation...

 "I can't save the world by myself, you can't either but together we can create hope."


With a passion for empowering children and a heart to help make a better life for African children, Alana and her husband Giovanni founded 'Hope Traders', a social enterprise that enables everyday Aussies the opportunity to work together to create hope.

Alana and Giovanni live in tropical North Queensland, Australia with their four children. Their mission to make a better life for children has seen them foster several Australian indigenous children creating a home for vulnerable children gives them much joy. Giovanni was born in Kenya, which has given the family opportunities to widely travel Kenya over the recent years and foster relationships with various organisations including orphanages and individual local artisans. Their heart for the people of Africa and seeing the urgent need particularly in pandemic times has led the two to outwork their mission to create more opportunities for children and families in Kenya. Alana and Giovanni have collaborated with Hope Child Africa for over four years, having spent time with the children they are excited to be able to raise funds for the Hope Child Africa orphanage located in Mombasa Kenya so they can further support and enhance their services on the ground that are already making a significant impact.

"Our partnership with Hope Child Africa enables us to support an organisation that is active in Kenya with a long history of supporting children at risk and on the streets they are creating a tangible change to the lives of vulnerable children in Kenya" Alana Okumu


How does it work

All our products are handcrafted locally in Kenya by local artisans. Not only does a portion of income raised by the sale of our products go to local projects creating tangible opportunities for Kenyan children and families. Locals are also employed to create the products as well as employment of administration, photography and modelling professionals.


'I can not do all the good things the world needs. But the world needs all the good things I can do.'

Jana Stanfield