Our Projects


Hope Traders are proud to support Hope Child Africa a portion of the income earnt from every purchase goes directly to this organisation.

Hope Child Africa is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enabling education, a safe home and a supportive environment to assist with the positive development of the Hope Children. The Hope Children are orphans and underprivileged children located in Mombasa, Kenya. Hope Child Africa (HCA) aims to change the life path of the Hope Children who have previously been subjected to a life of suffering and poverty.

Care for the Hope Children is provided throughout their childhood to adolescent years. The outcome of HCA is aimed to meet the needs of the children, including:

School fees, school uniforms and stationery needs

~ a safe home environment

~ a balanced nutritional diet

~ mother carers

~ medical attention

~ a positive environment where the children are encouraged with physical activity, learning, and sustainability projects within their home

The Hope Children live in a fully catered house in a village near schools, hospitals and recreational facilities. The children are cared for by house mothers, all attend school, are encouraged to learn and receive medical attention where necessary.

For more information visit the Hope Child Africa Website